Front Bumper


Side Step Spoiler


Rear Bumper Spoiler


JZA 80/MK4 Supra!
4 Piece kit (front sides and rear) Reg. $2,900.00
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JZA80 Hood


Front Lip Spoiler!

JZA80 Supra
Front Lip Spoiler


$165.00 MSRP
The TRIAL GROUNDING KIT comes with installation instructions.
Why a grounding kit? To cut costs and make things easy, stock cars use the car body as a ground. However today's car bodies, particularly with Japanese car have very little steel in them. The hybrid compound is great for cost and weight reduction but makes for bad scrap metal and electric grounding.
Grounding kit not only add cosmetic value to your car but also ensure a quality minus electrical current which in return promotes a quality plus current which is essential for nearly every part on your car.
THIS TRIAL kit connectors are coated with pure gold and wire lengths are designed for your car!